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About Blood Oath

First and foremost: Blood Oath is owned and operated by tattoo artists who own their own shops. We think it’s important that you know that right off the bat. 

When we created Blood Oath it started out as a way to just manage our own inventory, but as it grew we realized that our peers were interested in the gear and supplies we were using and they began asking if they could buy from us.  That’s when the lightbulb went off.

Now we are a one-stop shop for tattoo artists by tattoo artists. If there’s something on our selves for sale it’s because you can find it at our own tattoo stations, being used daily.

We ship products throughout the United States and across the globe. From Tattoo Needles to Stencil application, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to  Tattoo Before and After Care. Browse our shop and you’ll find it all. 

In the rare case, there’s something you want that we’re missing, you can always contact us and give us a heads up. It’s not a guarantee that we’ll stock it, but we will at least look into it. If it’s a fit, chances are we’ll snag it and sell it to you. 


~The Bloodletter