Welcome to Blood Oath Trading Company Tattoo Supplies and Equipment

Take the Blood Oath! Tattoo Equipment and Supplies curated by the artists who use them.

Welcome to Blood Oath: A new tattoo supply shop, owned by tattoo artists, that runs on one simple rule: We only sell what we use. A tattoo artist’s portfolio is what offers a client their first impressions of their work, and the success of their work is directly based on the tools they use.

That’s why we started to curate our own shop — we’re passionate about the work we do and we lean heavily on the equipment we trust. When you see us selling items like Cheyenne needle cartridges, Dynamic tattoo inks, and Kingpin tattoo machine acessories, it’s because that’s what’s in our hands and at our stations.

It doesn’t end there. We know a tattoo shop operates beyond where the client is sitting. You’ll find accessories like Spirit tattoo transfer paper and Stencil Stuff’s transfer liquid to make it easier to get that tattoo design on the client quick and easy.

Before and aftercare also factor into the equation. We have antibacterial soaps from Dial to start things off clean, Tattoo Anesthetic Cream from TAC to help relieve the sting, and salves to help the healing process. We also carry PPE like face masks and gloves.

Stay tuned as we add more stuff as quickly as we can get our hands on it!

~The Bloodletter